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Lake Monomonac Store
All proceeds go towards fighting invasive weeds!
SALE-We are in the process of finding a new vendor for our store all items in stock are now Half Price

Orders not accepted online at this time. Please contact to place an order. Cash, check, paypal, and credit cards are all accepted and shipping is available.

Size availability is subject to change.

Fleece $40
Ladies Pullover Hoodie $35
Hooded Sweatshirts: $30 (2XL: $32.50)
Crewneck Sweatshirts: $25
Adult Short Sleeve Shirts: $15 (2XL: $17.50)
Adult Long Sleeve Shirts: $20 (2XL: $22.50)
Kids Shirts: $15
Kids Sweatshirts: $25
Ladies Tank Tops: $15
Hats: $15
DVD: $20

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